BEST SOLAR PANELS: The best solar panels on the market

In this article we will analyze which are the best solar panels that exist today in the market.

The best solar panels, here a general description.


Buy the best solar panels. The best solar panels? What are the good brands of solar panels? Where are the best solar panels produced?
The best solar panels?

Suppose you have a good roof available, more or less south facing and would like to have solar panels on it.

What are the best solar panels? Before you begin your search for solar panels, there are two important questions you should answer first:

How many kilowatts per hour do you use annually?
How much roof surface do I have available?

In fact, we can find 3 situations where different solar panels come out as the best.

A roof for up to 8 solar panels.

In this situation, you will hardly ever be able to fully generate your annual consumption with solar panels.

However, you want to make the most of your roof. The best solar panels are the panels with the highest capacity per square meter.

Then choose a solar panel with a large capacity, for example, 300 Watt peak (WP) or higher.

They are a little more expensive, but still can generate about 2,200 kWh per year.

A home for up to 16 solar panels.

In this situation you can cover your annual consumption in most cases. But first you look at your annual consumption.

For example, if it is 3,750 kWh per year, you can do a great job with a panel that starts at 270WP. Then you have a wide choice. Solar panels with such capacity usually have an attractive price.

However, if you have a consumption of 5,000 kWh, your roof is too small to cover all your consumption.

Then you will have to concentrate on solar panels with a high capacity, for example 300 WP or more.

A house with a very large roof.

In this situation, you have more roof than you need for solar panels. Then you have a wide choice.

For example, you can think about buying thin film solar panels like Solar Frontier . Although they need 20% more roofing, they generally also generate more output per peak watt (unit capacity).

Here are some tools to select the best solar panels.

Make a layout plan for your roof – download the layout plan
A solar panel has an average size of 165 x 100 cm.
1,000 kWh of generation per year is approximately 1,100 to 1,250 watts of peak capacity of all solar panels put together.

Summary of solar panel brands and results of the best solar panels. The following list are brands that have been proven better than average:

  • Conergy (Germany)
  • AEG (Germany)
  • Solar border (Japan)
  • Renesola (China)
  • NSP (Taiwan)
  • Bovite (Vietnam)

List of the best solar panels that score on average:

QCells (Germany)
JA Solar (China)

List of the best solar panels that score less than average:

Atersa (China)
Shinetime (China)

¿What are the best brands of solar panels?

Most solar panels now come from China. The best solar panels usually come from manufacturers in other countries.

We have listed some of the A-brands below. These brands are distinguished by high performance and good quality.

These brands have often existed for a long time and therefore have a good reputation to defend. You can also contact them for warranty.

Brands include:

  • AEG
  • Axitec
  • Bisol
  • Solar Primer
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • REC Solar
  • Sharpening
  • SolarWatt
  • Solar World
  • SunPower


Good brands from China

Most of the solar panels now come from China. And in the last ten years, the quality of these panels has increased significantly.

Unfortunately, the quality of Chinese panels is still very variable.

However, the best Chinese brands today can easily be measured with manufacturers outside of China. And there is often a favorable price tag.

Research by major U.S. banks

Large U.S. banks are increasingly investing in solar parks. They have done extensive research on the quality of the panels they invest in.

Here they see the quality of the panels and the strength of the manufacturers.

The manufacturers that meet these requirements are the so-called ‘bank’ solar panels.

Now there is a list of manufacturers that meet the strict requirements of American banks. The following ten common brands are listed in this list.

Canadian Solar
JA Solar
Solar Jinko
Solar Phono
Solar Frontier
Solar energy
These are reliable manufacturers with good quality solar panels.