In order not to depend more on the change in energy prices and also to save on your energy bill, you, as a family, can decide to switch to solar panels.


Through this energy system, you provide completely, or at least for a large part, your own energy needs. For example, you do not have to ask for much energy from the regular power grid and you pay a considerably smaller annual amount for your energy.

It does not need what it generates to generate energy through the usual network. Therefore, the money you invest in the solar panels is returned to you. Since it is a difficult investment, it is important to estimate correctly how many solar panels you need for your home.

Determine the energy consumption


The image shows that in 35 days a total of 217 kwh has been spent.

What is the average daily expenditure?

217 kwh: 35 = 6.2 kwh per day or 6200 wh

This is an example of a particular family but not all families have the same behavior with the expenditure of energy

The number of solar panels you need is not obvious. Not all households need the same amount of solar panels, just as all households do not have a similarly large power requirement.

The larger the family, the more energy will be consumed. Therefore, it is important to estimate in advance how much energy you expect to consume annually.

Based on this estimate, you can verify how many solar panels your home needs. A family consisting of only two people consumes considerably less than a family with 5 family members. The number of solar panels will deviate in both cases.

Calculate the number of solar panels

In the example of the 6,200 w daily image to meet the demand without problems we should buy:

6200wh: 250 wh panel = 24.8 or 25 panels

The 25 panels will generate the 6200 wh we need to cover the previous consumption.

The time we can use the panels depends on the number of hours of light we have, if we have 8 hours of sunlight we will only have our home working with solar energy these 8 hours and if we want more time we need batteries.

More power, less solar panels.

In a home, in theory, a total of 25 solar panels may be necessary to meet energy requirements.

However, this does not have to mean that the circumstances in which the solar panels are installed also allow it.

What happens if I do not have enough space on the roof?

When there is very little space available, this home can opt for fewer solar panels with a greater capacity to achieve the same efficiency.

The calculation is then slightly different because it must be examined how large the power must be to obtain the same result.


Different results

This can also make the investment more expensive and take longer to pay the recovery time. This shows how different factors can lead to different results compared to an optimal situation.

This does not always have to be harmful, but it’s in your best interest to be fully informed about this. In this way, you can successfully respond to all situations and ensure a successful outcome.

Simple review exercise

If a household consumes 574 kwh in 64 days.

a) How many kwh do you consume in 1 day?

b) And in a year of 365 days?

c) How many 300 w panels do we need to meet this demand?